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Our eBusiness software modules take care of tasks such as authentication, delivery, and reporting, while meeting the especially stringent criteria of government authorities.

„We support our customers in the increasing digitalisation of their administrative activities and work together to create a completely new kind of communication with customers, partners, and the general public“

Peter Henger, Head of Customer Care & Sales, CPB SOFTWARE (AUSTRIA) GmbH

Electronic Signatur

The signature module from CPB can be used to add a signature/official seal to any electronic document whenever required. The easy integration into existing system means this module can quickly be added to individual processes. find out more

Distribution Module

The distribution module is a complex output module that allows easy integration into different distribution and printing channels, and sends documents based on a system of rules. find out more


The eForms module makes it easy to create form-based applications. It consists of a form editor for the responsible department, presentation of the form online, and a component for the secure processing of incoming data. The form server can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, while the form fields can also be directly completed using data fields provided by data sources. find out more

Payment Module

The payment module is used to implement multi-client capable micro-payment or e-wallet solutions based on a credit system. This platform-independent product is easy to extend and offers smooth application integration. find out more

Web Report Studio

The web report studio is a lean reporting tool that can be used to create reports with condensed data (OLAP) and continuous reports. It is used in a variety of contexts to quickly and easily generate and distribute reports. The reports are prepared by the department without any need for programming. find out more


The eMailbox is an integrated distribution solution for secure and traceable electronic delivery of documents. It is integrated in the company’s own portal and is easy to connect to internal (communication) applications. This product can be successfully implemented in connection with our internet banking system, among other solutions. find out more


The InfoTerminal provides an ideal channel to provide information, guidance, and services to customers and the general public via attractive information panels. Intuitive, flexible, and barrier-free panel interfaces can be used to provide a broad variety of individually tailored information, enabling processes based on ultra-modern technology and functions such as ‘swipe and print’. find out more


The delivery server enables the secure and traceable transmission of electronic documents. find out more

eMS electronic administraion
of EU funds

The eMS project was the first time an integrated software solution had been designed and implemented for the purpose of processing funds provided through European territorial cooperation (ETC) programmes. find out more

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You can find a selection of interesting case studies here. Find out more about our numerous projects carried out for authorities, institutions, and large companies.

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