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Managed Services

We all face many new challenges, some more intense, others less complex. These result in increasingly far-reaching and, above all, more intricate changes to the processes and structures.

Low interest rates, regulation, and digitisation are currently the biggest challenges faced by banking institutions. Falling margins, customers who shop around, and complex requirements, especially in terms of supervisory law, risk management, corporate governance, and compliance, all add to the increased pressure.

Banks are changing, and the rethinking of business strategies and realignment of the financial services sector is already in full swing.

Your Contact

Sergio do Adro

Head of Customer Development
Phone: +49 (9371) 9786-77

Why Managed Services?

Our range of Managed Services includes a broad spectrum of complete and modular services that can be combined to create a customised offering to suit each individual client.

  • Target-driven alternatives to in-house and outsourcing solutions
  • Standardisation and establishment of continuous business processes
  • Secure banking operations based on appropriate solutions
  • Wrap-around support
  • Selective and bank-specific selection of services
  • Software-as-a-service and business-process-as-a-service solutions
  • Efficient

Special services

As a service provider, we offer a wide range of fully implemented services:

  • ERiC services (KMV FKB, KMV DEP, etc.)
  • FATCA & CRS reporting
  • On- and offshore tax reporting
  • EUZI reporting
  • And various domestic regulatory requirements, such as Section 24c of the KWG (Austria), AWV, Section 9, etc.

Solutions and expertise in one place

When you need help with a specific issue, you can come to us for both carefully designed and optimised solutions, and expertise and experience “on demand”.

Our team’s many years of experience and extensive connections to various institutions and authorities help us stay up to date with the latest information and implement effective solutions.

Transparent processes and costs

A clear process, a proven methodology, and professionalism in implementation create valuable transparency. From an audit perspective alone, transparency is an absolute must.

A contractually defined scope of services and well-defined SLAs make costs easier to plan for and more transparent.

You stipulate the scope of services you require and select your own package of services.

Calculable results

  • Breakdown of work and costs into: Design, Development, Maintenance
  • Prompt implementation – quick response time
  • Centralisation of uniform processes (reporting)
  • Experienced support and standardised processes
  • Complete fulfilment of all reporting requirements
  • Maintaining complete transparency and auditability

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