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Banking and IT

In banking, you have the customers and the products, and in IT, we have the experience and expertise to cover everything from complete solutions to custom applications. We are your go-to partner for everything relating to IT and processes, your specialist in modelling complex regulatory frameworks, your partner for IT operations, and your software provider.

We are experts in complex IT with more than twenty years of experience in the international finance industry.

Customer and financial management

Customer and financial management happens on-location, online, or in local branches. No matter where they are – customers always expect the best from their bank. And that means banking systems have to live up to these high expectations. Our complete solutions and tailor-made applications provide you with the perfect tool. find out more

Enterprise Software Solutions

Having the best products is only half the job in banking. Complex regulations and comprehensive reporting requirements require excellent IT systems. These processes are all mapped in our systems – technically sound, factually correct, and so flexible that they can easily be integrated into all other systems. find out more


You’re with your customer, and we’re behind the scenes. In addition to technical support, we also take care of the installation and operation of our processes. We offer complete back-office services, fail-safe operation of IT systems in our high-performance data centres, or operation of your own IT infrastructure at your premises. find out more

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„It’s a pleasure to implement custom solutions with CPB!“

Michaela Cervik, CIO, Wiener Privatbank AG

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