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CPB remains lead company

We have once again been certified as a leading Austrian company this year!

Not every company is a successful company and not every successful company is a leading company. As the excellence platform of the Austrian economy, Leitbetriebe Austria sets high standards for certification as an Austrian leading company:

  • Sustainable corporate success: Economic and financial stability are the basis for all corporate activities and a prerequisite for a promising certification process.
  • Social and ecological responsibility: Fair treatment of our own employees and the conservation of resources and the environment are key characteristics of a genuine leading company.
  • Strong in Austria: Regardless of whether you work locally or globally - as a leading Austrian company, you also benefit from the advantages of Austria as a business location and contribute to further strengthening the business location.
  • Exchange and cooperation: Leading companies are the engine of the economy and a role model for other companies. This also requires a willingness to share experiences, cooperate and engage in industry and economic issues.

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