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End-to-end process for the handling of the German flat rate withholding tax: from the tax calculation, to the reporting system, to the production of the complex on- or off-shore client reporting or the OECD Common Reporting Standard.

Maximum transparency.
Maximum automation.

Low interest rates, digitalisation, increased competition and regulation - banks are in a phase of upheaval.

If you want to move with the times, you have to reinvent yourself on a regular basis.
Increased cost pressure in particular affects the expansion of the core business and the optimisation of existing banking processes. Flexibility and fast reaction times are essential in order to be able to react to innovations and regulatory requirements on the market.
Modularity, scalability and the use of modern development methods make SECTRAS one of the most effective systems on the market, which can be operated both on-premise and as a service.

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Customer reporting

Country-specific tax reporting is playing an increasingly important role in the cross-border services offered by banks. Tax honesty and client transparency are the main driving factors here.

A financial institution that wants to stand out from the competition must offer its clients detailed and attractive tax reporting.

The SECTRAS component "German Tax Reporting" fully covers both domestic and foreign customer-specific tax reporting as well as reporting to the German authorities responsible for tax matters.

In addition to the tax assessment and the resulting tax calculation, if applicable, documentation of all tax-related processes based on legal requirements and customer-specific concerns is necessary.

SECTRAS fully covers both client-specific reporting and reporting to the German authorities responsible for tax matters.

International political developments on tax honesty are forcing banks to increase the quality of their customer service and reporting and thus also the tax honesty of their customers.

The thereby increasing requirements for annual tax reporting for foreign clients pose new challenges for all national and international banks.

SECTRAS also offers credit institutions not based in Germany the possibility of high-quality service reporting for their foreign customers.

At present, it can be assumed that investors with foreign currency accounts often unknowingly file incomplete tax returns to settle their securities transactions.

Use SECTRAS for the tax processing of foreign currency and forward exchange transactions as well as transactions in cryptocurrencies such as BITCOIN, ETHER & Co. SECTRAS manages the FiFO stock and generates transparent and detailed §23 tax reporting for your clients.


Constantly tightening regulatory standards force financial institutions to permanently deal with compliance with a wide range of reporting regulations.

In addition to communication with different supervisory authorities (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and Federal Central Tax Office), different reporting periods must also be taken into account.

Pursuant to Section 24c (1) of the German Banking Act (KWG), financial institutions are obliged to maintain a data pool in which specified customer and account master data (e.g. account number, name and date of birth of account holders and authorised signatories, opening and closing dates) are stored.

In SECTRAS, a component is available that prepares the relevant data from the central master data systems in accordance with the legal requirements and forwards it to the Bank-Verlag's account records centre.

CPB takes over the hosting, the complete conversion (conversion) into the prescribed reporting format, the legal storage and the communication with the account records centre.

A standardised solution for FATCA, CRS and future requirements

Whether US FATCA, UK FATCA, the EU Mutual Assistance Directive or the OECD Common Reporting Standard - as a result of international efforts to promote tax honesty, the Automatic Exchange of Information in Tax Matters (AEOI/AIA) is gaining acceptance as a global solution.

With the CRS Suite, CPB has developed a standardised and flexible solution for complying with the reporting obligation.

The CPB ERiC client is our software solution for the technical transmission of ELSTER reports to the data centres of the German tax authorities. This includes a procedure-compliant technical validation, enrichment as well as signature, encryption and decryption of the transmission data.

The ELSTER client software enables a tax application software, financial or payroll accounting software to file the tax return or tax return electronically.

To the ERiC client

Advantages of SECTRAS

Flexible &
exact fit

Individually suitable services at the right moment. You define your range of services individually and thus put together your personal service package. In addition to modular applicability, the fully comprehensive processing for the German flat rate withholding tax is also easy to integrate into your system landscape.

level of automation

A high degree of automation in the creation and the possibility of retrograde corrections round off the optimal overall package for banks.

Real-time use
original WM data

One of the foundations for high-quality and audit-proof processing is the data published by WM Datenservice. The process-related integration of a real-time connection of WM data guarantees the correctness and traceability of the tax assessment - from transaction processing and corporate actions to reporting and tax reporting.


SECTRAS can be implemented in a surprisingly short time. Special teams act here with a lot of routine and migration experience. The integration of existing solutions as well as interfaces in other systems of a bank are part of the project. The lead time of such projects is between 3 and 6 months.

ISAE 3402

The regulations of ISAE 3402 aim to audit the internal control system of a service organisation and to make the audit result available to auditors of companies that have commissioned the service company to provide the relevant service.

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Satisfied Sectras customers

"As a private bank for everyone, Sutor Bank is a partner of digital companies. The technical connection of versatile financial services requires secure and precisely fitting interfaces. We rely on the SECTRAS tax suite from CPB's solution portfolio for the cross-system tax assessment of Sutor customers. Thank you for the competent, goal-oriented and partnership-based cooperation."

Lorenz Lorenzen, Head of Application Development and Data Protection Officer at Sutor Bank

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as a service

Take advantage of our professional infrastructure with the highest security standards - we enable you to set up an infrastructure for cloud-based technology and are happy to provide you with resources such as virtual machines, network connections, storage space and computing power from the CPB Cloud.

cpb saas service

as a Service

We take over the operation of business-relevant applications and make them available for use in the CPB data centre. We also ensure automatic updates of the software - you don't have to worry about obtaining new releases or patches.

Business Process as a Service

Business Process
as a service

Their core competence lies in consulting, sales or production - ours in the efficient handling of the processes required behind them. As already successfully used by many customers: We provide you with the necessary IT resources and also take over complete back-office processes.

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Any questions?
I'll be happy to answer them

Contact Sectra's ERIC Client

Sergio do Adro
Head of Customer Services

Telephone number: +49 (9371) 9786-77