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Top Service Austria

We are a "Top Service Austria" company and want to continue to focus our energies on the area of customer orientation. After the comprehensive survey of 600 of our customers and the independent evaluation of the answers, in direct comparison with the competition, CPB was awarded for special customer service and best lived customer experience.

Top Service Austria has been THE seal of quality for excellent service and consistently practised customer orientation in Austria for over 8 years. This is not a "beauty contest", but a scientifically based customer and management survey, which on the one hand provides the participating companies with important insights into their own image and that of others, and on the other hand also serves as the basis for a comparable scoring. Companies that exceed the required minimum score are allowed to use the TSÖ seal for one year.

The opinion of our clients is important to us. We compare our clients' views with our own and learn from them where and how we can improve the quality of our services. In order to be able to assess the impact of our measures, surveys of our clients are conducted annually.

The most surprising finding of the first survey of this kind was that our customers gave us better marks than we did ourselves. We do not see this as a signal to slack off, but to positively surprise our customers with even more performance and quality in the future.