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Audit on ISAE 3402 Type II again very successfully completed

For the past year 2020, the four business divisions of the two national subsidiaries in Austria and Germany of CPB Software AG were again able to complete the audits very successfully (unqualified audit certificate). Corresponding reports were sent to the client representatives.

For the above-mentioned business units, there are reports on the audit of the description, design and implementation as well as the operational effectiveness of internal controls based on ISAE 3402 Type II / IWP/PE 14 Type 2 ("Assurance Reports on Controls at a Service Organisation") as well as the guidelines of the Institute of Austrian Certified Public Accountants ("Audit for Outsourced Functions").

GIT - Data centre services
BPO-WP - Business Process Outsourcing - Securities Services
BPO-CC - Business Process Outsourcing - Deposit and Call Centre Services

The CPB product Horse Shoe 2.0 was used as the technological platform for operating the COBIT 5 - based service-oriented internal control system (DIKS) and for preparing and conducting the audits.