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Zürcher Kantonalbank Österreich AG now also relies on CPB in Core Banking

Zürcher Kantonalbank Österreich AG (ZKBÖ) will use CPB's core banking system TAMBAS+ in Austria in the future.The migration project, which has already started, is running smoothly and will be completed by the end of the coming year. With this system change, the bank is relying on a proven and successful infrastructure, a modern and flexible software solution as well as a variety of services related to its operation. ZKBÖ has been using the innovative PROFOS eBanking system from CPB for many years. ZKBÖ and CPB have therefore known and appreciated each other for a long time. With the latest step, the cooperation will be extended to almost all fields of banking business in private banking, such as customer, account and custody account management, the securities area, as well as lending business and payment transactions.

The joint project of ZKBÖ and CPB is an essential step in CPB's strategy to further expand the company's position on the way to becoming the market-leading solution provider in the DACH region.