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Merger with EFDIS AG Bankensoftware

The time has come! On May 16, 2024, the merger of EFDIS AG Bankensoftware and CPB SOFTWARE (GERMANY) GMBH was notarized and will be documented in the public registers within a few weeks.

The merger marks an exciting milestone in our company histories and opens up numerous new opportunities for us all. With the combined strength of now more than 330 employees, we will generate an estimated annual turnover of EUR 50 million. From now on, the entire EFDIS team, including the former management, will work on the joint success of the CPB Group. Mr. Christian Wust (Spokesman of the Management Board of EFDIS AG) will contribute his expertise as a member of the Management Board of CPB SOFTWARE (GERMANY) GMBH.

We are convinced that the merger will have a positive impact on our current and future partnerships and customer relationships. By joining forces, we are now in an even better position to offer innovative and customized solutions.