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We remain human - CPB Charity

Christmas donation to MainHerz

CPB helpsThis year, CPB in Miltenberg is once again supporting the MainHerz organisation, which is run by volunteers, with a generous donation.

Funds are currently being raised for a one-year-old boy who was born with an open back and, despite several operations, can neither crawl nor hold himself upright. Through additional therapies (which unfortunately cannot be covered by the health insurance), it is hoped that Elias will at least be able to walk short distances independently in the future. The first successes were already achieved after a two-week introductory phase.

We would like to help the young family and enable them to have further therapy sessions with our donation.

The donations are administered by the Stiftung Behindertenhilfe Landkreis Miltenberg and 100% of them reach the people in need.