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The eForms product makes it easy to create form-based applications. It consists of a form editor for the responsible department, presentation of the form online, and a component for the secure processing of incoming data. The form server can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems, while the form fields can also be directly completed using data fields provided by data sources (e.g. personal or customer data following identification).

The forms can easily be created by the respective department, and automatic completion using data from data sources is also possible without the need for any programming: Programming is done once by creating a connector for a data source.


Form editor
The tool for easy form creation. Fields, field groups, and modules are defined here – also variable depending on client – and combined to make up the form. An assortment of mechanisms make it easy to create complex forms. The form fields can be pre-filled, and functions such as Austrian citizen’s cards and payments can be added via a checkbox.

Imput server
The input server is the unit that receives the form data, attaches a stamp of receipt, transmits it, and then forwards it when the back-end system is available. The forms can be processed in different formats and transmitted to the processing applications or data sources.

Form server
The form server manages the presentation and execution of the forms. This tool merges the pre-defined style guide with the form created, and displays it to the user.


  • Easy creation of complex forms using the editor
  • Intelligent blocks for easy pre-completion of forms
  • Stamp of receipt
  • Secure retention of received form data until the back-end system is available
  • Automatic completion of forms based on the connector concept
  • Multi-client capable
  • Integration of signing, Austrian citizen’s cards, and payment


  • Easy creation of complex forms without programming
  • Pre-complete fields using connectors
  • Multi-client-capable selection fields are adapted to the values relating to individual clients
  • Complex versioning possible, including per client


  • Structuring form elements
  • Efficient design and management of electronic forms
  • eGovernment framework such as Austrian citizen’s cards, signing, style guides, and WAI compliance
  • Integration into different IT environments
  • Creation of consistent electronic procedures
  • Signature/official seal

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