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Distribution module

The distribution module is a complex output module that allows easy integration into different distribution and printing channels, and sends documents based on a system of rules.

The distribution module allows:

  • Easy integration of electronic output channels such as electronic delivery services or proprietary mailboxes
  • Definition of transmission profiles depending on the (type of) document, i.e. the channels that can/should be checked in respect of the specific document, e.g. transmission via the official delivery system
  • Mass distribution of documents
  • Easy to add additional applications
  • Easy to integrate new output channels, e.g. electronic delivery services, printing systems
  • Offers complex mechanisms for tracing transmissions and responses in the respective application


  • Basic functions: Receiving and checking transmissions
  • Easy document creation/preparation
  • Connection to applications via file interface or web service
  • Administration of transmission profiles
  • Administration of clients
  • Administration of transmission tracking
  • Encryption
  • Signature/official seal


  • Suitable for mass mailing
  • Multi-client capable
  • Complex status tracking of transmissions available (status, retry, etc.)
  • Direct status response can be returned within the application
  • Easy configuration and administration
  • Phased implementation, easy integration of new applications
  • Easy integration of new output channels

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