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European Data Protection Day

European Data Protection Day

Protect, sensitize, secure: Our measures to protect your data
Today, on European Data Protection Day, we at CPB would like to share with you how we are actively committed to the security and integrity of your data. Data protection is not just a principle for us, but a promise that we live by every day.

1. awareness training for employees
Our employees are at the heart of our data protection strategy. Every year, they undergo intensive awareness training on information security and data protection. This training ensures that our team is always familiar with the latest developments and best practices. An aware team is a strong team that helps to protect the confidentiality of your data.

2. data protection officer as contact person
We have our own data protection officer who acts as a reliable point of contact for all data protection-related matters. This expert ensures that our data protection guidelines always meet the highest standards. His role is not only to ensure compliance with legal regulations, but also to promote awareness of data protection within our company.

3. continuous improvement of our data protection measures
Data protection is a dynamic field and we are not standing still. We continuously invest in the latest technologies and resources to ensure that your data is always secure. Our commitment goes beyond compliance - we are committed to ensuring that you can always have the confidence that your data is in good hands.

We understand that your data is the most valuable asset. At CPB, European Data Protection Day is not just a day, but an opportunity to emphasize our ongoing commitment to data protection.