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Web Report Studio

The fast and easy solution for flexible reporting

The web report studio is a lean reporting tool which can be used to create reports with condensed data (OLAP) and continuous reports. It is used in a variety of professional contexts to quickly and easily generate and distribute reports. The reports are prepared by the department without programming.


  • Seamless combination of condensed data (OLAP) and continuous reports
  • Can be connected to all common databases, experience with SQL, mySQL and Oracle
  • Simple integration of external products, e.g. scheduling for report printing (UC4)
  • Role concepts for generating and distributing reports
  • Displaying data on cards
  • Can be deployed in a wide variety of scenarios: sales, management information, balance sheet/profit and loss, claims processing, statistics, traffic data


  • Short lead time before creation of the first report
  • Easy creation of reports without programming
  • Web-based, easy provision of reports
  • Lean tool focused on analysing data
  • Flexible interfaces


  • Data warehousing
  • Data structuring, ETL
  • Creation of custom reporting tools
  • Integration into existing environments

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