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Custom and flexible information panels

InfoTerminal provides an ideal channel to provide information, guidance, and service to customers and the general public via attractive information panels. Intuitive, flexible, and accessible panel interfaces can be used to provide a broad variety of individually tailored information, enabling processes based on ultra-modern technology and functions such as ‘swipe and print’.



  • Attractive and flexible presentation of locally tailored information
  • Enables simple transactions and processes
  • ‘Swipe and print’ function – using modern, intuitive interfaces
  • Usability and accessibility tested with users
  • Printing information
  • Browser-based software
  • Centralised administration and control of content and applications
  • External content can also be implemented

Ultra-modern technologies to better serve user needs
The InfoTerminal is panel software designed to serve user needs in the best possible way. The result is a combination of maximum convenience for users and administrators while using ultra-modern technologies and intuitive interfaces.

Handling of processes
The customer can perform simple processes and transactions via the terminal. The software is browser-based, so the processes can be made available centrally and integrated into existing systems.

Usability and accessibility
We pay special attention to accessibility in the development of our software. Scientific findings have been technically tested and implemented, then trialled among affected user groups. (Cognitively impaired, motor-impaired, deaf/hearing-impaired, blind/sight-impaired, older users, and users with a migrant background)

Central maintenance and administration of content and applications
The software is based on open international standards and browser-based. These technical principles enable a high level of flexibility in structuring content, customisation, and easy administration. Content is efficiently maintained and it is easy to integrate external content.

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