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eMS electronic administration of EU funds

The eMS project was the first time an integrated software solution had been designed and implemented for the purpose of processing funds provided through European territorial cooperation (ETC) programmes. ETC programmes are carried out in cooperation with two or more EU member states or third countries (e.g. candidates for entry) with the aim to promote territorial development and cooperation. All ETC programmes must be approved by the European Commission and are therefore obligated to communicate with the beneficiaries electronically.

The core objective of the eMS project was to depict the entire lifecycle of an ETC programme and projects carried out within a programme across the entire period of the programme. This includes publishing and managing calls for project submissions, the assessment of these by experts, the creation of subsidy agreements, and the monitoring of project management including progress reports, proposed amendments, payments, repayment requests, and numerous evaluations and reports.

The client here was the City of Vienna, Municipal Department 27 – European Affairs, for the European ‘Interact’ programme, which covers various EU programmes to promote the cross-border exchange of knowledge and experience. Development of eMS was completed in September 2015 and it was already being used to smooth administrative processes in 20 ETC programmes across Europe by the end of 2015.

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