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The delivery server enables the secure and traceable transmission of electronic documents. It seamlessly combines two products:

  • Delivery server based on specifications set by the Austrian Federal Chancellery (‘official delivery service’)
  • Delivery server based on specifications set by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (‘business delivery service’)


  • The delivery server ensures secure receipt, transmission, and identification.
  • Signatures and official seals can be added to transmissions.
  • An integrated payment module enables payment for transmissions.
  • Different means of identification are supported, e.g. the Austrian citizen card, eps, PIN/TAN, username/password.
  • The delivery header/address directory is the component to which the availability request is directed. Users of all relevant delivery services (official or commercial) are recorded or requested from here. The header provides availability information and forwards the electronic message on.
  • The mailbox is the customer’s access point. It displays the documents received and sent, and features an address book. It is based on the familiar webmail interface.


  • Documents can be delivered according to different security levels using electronic delivery. Identification based on an Austrian citizen card through an official delivery service makes it possible to receive Austrian RSa and RSb letters in electronic form. Austrian citizen cards or PIN/TAN methods, which require the presentation of an ID, allow secure tracked transmission, similar to a registered letter. Simple user/password identification cannot guarantee that a letter has been delivered to a specific individual, just like conventional email.
  • Easy integration into workflow systems or an electronic file system (Austria: ELAK), DMS or archive
  • The CPB distribution module also makes it easy to integrate electronic distribution into existing applications and output arrangements.


  • Secure audit-ready delivery
  • Secure delivery of important and sensitive documents
  • Significant potential savings compared to printed post (paper, storage, printing, transport, disposal, postage)
  • Savings are made effortlessly with the increasing use of electronic mail

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