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CPB ERiC-Client

The CPB EriC Client is our software solution for the technical transfer of ELSTER reports to the servers of the German financial authorities. This includes a compliant technical validation procedure and the enrichment, digital signature, encryption and decryption of transmission data.

The ELSTER client software can be used to submit tax declarations or registrations electronically using tax, financial, or payroll software.


For example, the following control reports can be submitted using the ERiC client:

  • control reports on the gratuitous transfer of securities (gift notification) pursuant to Section 43 (1.1 and 1.6) German Income Tax Act (EStG) (KMV DEP)
  • exemption from withholding tax deductions pursuant to Section 43 (2.7) EstG (exemption of capital gains in operating assets)
  • electronic asset assessment certificates pursuant to Section 17 (14.1) of the Fifth Capital Accumulation Act (5. VermBG) to the financial authorities and Section 11 (1.2) of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Capital Accumulation Act

Many additional electronic ELSTER processes are also supported by the ERiC Client. Responses from the ELSTER systems are collected, processed, and made accessible by the client.

The CPB EriC Client is a stand-alone piece of software requiring minimal effort to install and integrate into your existing system landscape. There are no special dependencies (such as database systems).

The CPB EriC Client can be used on Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Diagram of the data transfer process


  • Future-proof generic ELSTER/ERiC client
  • Easy to integrate into existing IT system landscapes and STP environments
  • Limited dependencies/requirements
  • Modern software solution for Linux and Windows
  • Secure, encrypted transmission
  • Can be used manually or automated via external programs
  • Test report function available
  • Cost-effective solution

Technical requirements

  • Hardware: x86/x64 architecture
  • Operating system:
    • Linux: LSB 4.1-certified Distribution, e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Windows: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
  • Oracle Java (JDK) 7, update 45 and later
  • Internet connection via Network Address Translation (NAT) or proxy (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Can be operated both on a dedicated server or a workstation
  • Virtual machines are also supported

Useful to know

Rapid implementation

The EriC Client can be implemented surprisingly quickly. The full range of functions is available for use within just one day.  The only requirements are a PC or server and of course the organisation’s certificates for reporting via ELSTER.

Full-service option

Many clients use the full-service version of our EriC Client.

CPB operates the software in-house and actively manages your reporting – providing a risk-free, low-cost, and efficient solution.

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