Willingness to learn. Teamworking skills.

What we are looking for.

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Do you have the following interests and skills? Then we would love to hear from you!

   Willingness to familiarise yourself with professional and/or technical processes
   Strong team and communication skills
   Dedication and a sense of responsibility
   Friendly and customer-focused approach
   Independent working style
   Very good written and spoken German, good spoken English

It is of course very helpful if you already have experience in banking and/or e-business.

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Let’s get to know each other

Applications to our company have (at least) two stages – based on a philosophy that both parties should take care before making a serious commitment.

Along with your application and photo, it is also helpful to submit an additional (motivation) letter to explain why you are interested in this exact position, what you already have to contribute to the role, and what things you might learn.

If you will not be considered further based on the information you have submitted, you can trust that you will receive notification to this effect.

If we decide that we would like to get to know you a bit better, we will invite you to an interview. Especially formal clothing (suits) is not required; appropriate clothing is sufficient.

At the interview, we would on the one hand like to offer you the opportunity to learn more about our company and the advertised position; maybe you would like to learn more about us in advance on our website? We also recommend that you take a look at our latest annual report.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. On the other hand, we are curious to learn more about your past experience, your skills, your expectations, and your desires. The better and more honestly this phase of getting to know each other is, the easier it is for us both to assess your suitability for the job.

The future supervisor and a representative from HR will usually be present for the first round of interviews. Depending on the position, the first round of interviews will usually take between 30 and 60 minutes. Afterwords you will then learn about the next step and when you will hear from us.

Important job profiles

The production areas of our company are dominated by the following positions:

  Software development

Business Analyst (m/f)

The developer is responsible for selected areas of a bank application and independently implements solutions to meet requirements for many clients. Applying bank expertise, the business analyst examines the client’s requirements in respect of market practice and the legal framework, and provides the developers with structured implementation requirements (including testing and documentation).

Developer (m/f)

This role is responsible for selected areas of a bank application and independently implements solutions to meet requirements for many clients.  They define client requirements, implement these in the software, and retain accountability until the software goes into operation. They provide second-level support for customer care. The main programming environments used are Java/.net (front office) and RPG (core banking).


IT server/client manager (m/f)

The IT server/client manager is responsible for the support and development of a server/client environment and its applications, both for client environments and within the company. The range of responsibilities includes operations, management, support, extensions, integration, and troubleshooting.

  Call centre, outsourcing, service desk

Call centre/Service desk representative (m/f)

The call centre is responsible for fast and service-focused handling of client requests and, as a direct contact, provides information and manages customer data and bank transactions. As our first-level support, the service desk is responsible for fast and service-focused responses to customer requests and provides competent professional support in finding answers and technical solutions. The outsourcing department offers support with individual back-office banking processes.

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