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Securities trade reports pursuant to Section 9 WpHG

All transactions in securities and derivatives that are

  • admitted to trading on a stock exchange in a Member State of the European Union,
  • admitted to trading on a stock exchange in a Contracting State of the European Economic Area
  • or traded on the over-the-counter market of a German stock exchange

must be reported electronically to the Federal Supervisory Office for Securities Trading (Bundesaufsichtsamt für Wertpapierhandel – BAWe) (Section 9 WpHG).

Credit institutions, domestic companies admitted to trading on a domestic stock exchange, financial service providers, and foreign companies that trade on a domestic stock exchange are all subject to reporting requirements.

The reporting requirements are intended to support the tracking and combating of insider trading and facilitate the detection of violations of the ad-hoc disclosure requirements. Providers of securities services are obligated to conduct an annual review of compliance with reporting requirements by a suitable auditor (Section 36 I, WpHG).

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Selection, preparation, and submission of data subject to reporting obligations

Pursuant to Section 9 of the WpHG, financial institutions subject to reporting obligations must report certain securities-related business activities to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

SECTRAS STR provides financial institutions subject to reporting requirements with a component that automatically prepares the required reports based on the daily business data and transmits these to the BaFin without any (additional) effort on the part of the financial institution.

In addition to the traditional transmission method, T.R.I.C.E., from the Deutsche Börse AG group, the newer transfer procedure directly to BaFin via the reporting and publishing platform is also available.

System facts

  • Individually customisable for optimal integration in the reporting party’s technical and professional environment (core configuration)
  • Data import from third-party systems through published interfaces
  • Supports many data formats
  • Consistent versioning of all stored data


Reporting under Section 9 is carried out daily. The STR Component also has an efficient, user-friendly web-based GUI to enable the user to view and, if necessary, manually modify the system-generated records at any time.

Modern navigation options allow the user to quickly locate the desired information.


SECTRAS STR can be used as a software solution in in-house operations, outsourcing scenarios, and as a service component of CPB Managed Services.

Please get in touch for more information.

Overview of functions

  • STR interface (General Input Interface)
    The reporting party provides the information required to make the report via the STR interface
  • System-supported generation of records
    Reports can be created and transmitted multiple times a day, at any time
  • Modification of records via a graphical interface
  • Different record types
  • Comprehensive verification solutions
  • Checking whether business transactions are relevant to reporting requirements
  • Checking whether supplied data contain all the required information for the report
  • Ensures technical consistency of reportable fields
  • Status and version management
  • Automatic generation of the report form for each report record
  • Editing records that contain errors
  • Automatic interpretation of any business transactions submitted more than once
  • Automatic generation of cancellation and update reports
  • Conversion of the format to that required by the chosen transfer procedure
  • Displays sent report files
  • Automatic import and display of delivery receipts
  • Easy location of records/business transactions in response to BaFin requests

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