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German reporting and taxes

SECTRAS provides a range of components to manage the tax requirements relating to German withholding tax. These components have an enormous range of technical capabilities and allow the customer a great degree of flexibility in terms of their individual requirements and preferences.

These components relating to withholding tax are bundled in the German Tax Suite (GTS) and can be used by banks either as a whole or in part. The German Tax Suite covers the withholding tax for both monies and securities, differentiated into private and business assets.


Maximum effectiveness

Low interest rates, digitalisation, increased competition and regulations – banks are in a phrase of upheaval. Banks that wish to stand the test of time must regularly reinvent themselves. Increased cost pressure in particular has an impact on the expansion of the core business and optimisation of existing bank processes. Flexibility and fast response times are essential to enable rapid responses to innovations and new regulatory requirements on the market. Modularity, scalability, and the use of modern development methods make SECTRAS one of the most effective systems on the market.

Real-time use of original WM data

The data published by WM Datenservice is one of the basic requirements for providing high-quality, audit-proof processing services. The process-specific integration of a real-time connection to WM data guarantees the correctness and auditability of the tax assessment – including transaction processing, corporate actions, and customer and tax reporting.

Investment tax reform

The reform of investment taxation makes a radical break with the currently applicable tax law relating to fund units and presents major challenges for the banking world in particular. The overwhelming majority of the tax rules currently applicable to investment funds will become invalid overnight on 1 January 2018, and will be replaced by new taxation rules. With the adoption of the Investment Tax Reform Act (Investmentsteuerreformgesetz, InvStRefG) dated 19 July 2016 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 1730), the Grand Coalition has now put into practice a project that had been in progress for several years. find out more


Constantly tightening regulatory standards are forcing financial institutions to continuously adjust to ensure compliance with a diverse range of reporting requirements. In addition to communicating with various supervisory authorities (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority – BaFIN, the German Central Bank, and the German Federal Central Tax Office), the different reporting periods must also be taken into consideration. find out more

Tax reporting

In addition to the tax assessment and resulting tax calculation, documentation that is based on legal requirements and tailored to customer-specific needs is required for all tax-relevant transactions. The German Tax Reporting component in SECTRAS completely covers both national and international customer-specific tax reporting and reporting to the German authorities responsible for tax issues. find out more

BPO and ASP services from a single provider

Today’s economic environment demands new ways to invest, and cost pressures are forcing banks to consider new models of business process and IT outsourcing. As always, CPB is at your side, ready to assist as a reliable consulting and implementation partner. find out more

Useful to know

Rapid implementation

SECTRAS can be implemented surprisingly quickly. Our special teams work with carefully tuned routines and have extensive migration experience. The project includes the integration of existing solutions and interfaces to the bank’s other systems. The duration of these projects is typically between three and six months.


Some of our clients use the SaaS version of SECTRAS, which is risk-free, low-cost, and efficient.

CPB supplies, operates, and maintains all systems, updates market and product data, and takes care of transaction processing, reporting, customer and tax reporting, and many other tasks that you cannot or do not wish to perform.

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