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Having the best products is only half the job in banking. Complex regulations and comprehensive reporting requirements require excellent IT systems. Our strength lies in translating processes into IT. These processes are all mapped in our systems – technically robust, factually correct, and so flexible that they can be integrated seamlessly into all other systems.

Our solutions are platforms for the most important core functions that, thanks to their open structure, can easily be adapted to individual and new requirements. We track the entire process, from the collection, validation, and transaction of data to processing of responses.

CPB understands our special requirements and designs innovative solutions to meet our needs.”

Sabine Kaschütz, Head of Back Office, EURAM BANK AG

Full processing of German withholding tax – SECTRAS

The complete solution for the processing of German withholding tax – including tax calculation, reporting, and the generation of complex on- and off-shore customer reports.
German withholding tax can easily be prepared and processed using the German Tax and Regulatory Reporting modules, including customer end-of-year and intrayear reporting. Flexible interfaces enable the required online connections to your processing systems. find out more


The product suite to make easy use of the Wertpapier-Mitteilungen journal and data. The high-quality WM data can be accessed without any need for integration – simply via a web browser. find out more


ERiC (ELSTER Rich Client) takes care of all reporting required through ELSTER .
The ERiC client can submit the required data to the financial authorities, including the control reports on the gratuitous transfer of securities (gift notification) pursuant to Section 43 Paragraph (1.5 and 1.6) of the German Income Tax Act (EStG), exemption from withholding tax deductions pursuant to Section 43 (2.7) EstG. (exemption of capital gains in operating assets), and the electronic asset assessment certificate pursuant to Section 17 (14.1) of the Fifth Capital Accumulation Act (5. VermBG). And it does this easily and safely. find out more

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