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Mobile Portfolio

TIPAS+ is a popular tool used by many financial services providers. It provides round-the-clock high-quality portfolio information and analysis. Current valuations, past transactions, performance, asset allocation, income, taxes, and benchmark comparisons, among other information, is clearly presented on an intuitive web portal.


Functional platform

TIPAS+ is a white-label product and can import data from any existing (bank) system. TIPAS+ evaluates stocks at desired intervals, calculates performance, and, if desired, sends the information directly to customers in the form of a high-quality portfolio report.

Comprehensive range of services

TIPAS+ offers a comprehensive range of services, which can be added and adapted according to client needs. The integrated Management Information Module offers the option to present data in consolidated form at freely selectable levels (organisational units, customer groups, profit centre, account manager, etc.).

Business Process Outsourcing

The ongoing data updates can be performed automatically via interfaces, or in special cases, manually by CPB’s professional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Team based on documents submitted by the client.

Our team can also take care of other tasks, for example price and master data management.

Transparent information thanks to fund-level calculation

Funds held in assets can be calculated automatically – ensuring clear asset allocation. The calculation is based on the information provided by the fund management companies.

Calculable costs

The costs are usually based on the number of portfolios presented, ensuring an easily calculable sum.

We usually offer TIPAS+ on a leasing basis, which also includes high-availability operation in modern data centres, along with ongoing maintenance and development.

Information in the mailbox

If desired, TIPAS+ can deliver documents and messages to the electronic TIPAS+ mailbox, which informs the customer of new deposits and enables rapid access to information and archived documents.


Personal service is the norm at CPB

TIPAS+ can be used by all financial services providers (banks, investment companies, insurance companies, asset managers, foundations, and marketing organisations) who require a high-quality online information service for their customers, or wish to provide their staff with a simple and effective tool for portfolio analysis.

Adaptive functionality

Individual settings can easily be defined by the user.  However, our support team is also able to quickly and easily implement individual adaptation requests whenever required.

All screen displays can be exported to PDF or XLSX format, rounding off the range of integrated customer reporting functions.

„In CPB SOFTWARE AG, we have found a competent partner that combines expertise with comprehensive services and flexibility.“

Bruno Zanetti, Vice Director, Group Corporate Development, Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Useful to know

Rapid implementation, easy integration

Implementing TIPAS+ is easy. The system can be put into operation within a few days of the initial data transfer, and does not have any specific requirements in terms of infrastructure on the part of the provider or consumers.

We provide simple interfaces for importing data, adapt the graphic interface to match your existing corporate design, and you can start using the system in just a few weeks.

Full-service option

Most clients use the full-service version of TIPAS+, which is risk-free, low-cost, and efficient.

CPB supplies, operates, and maintains all systems, updates market and product data, and ensures continuous high-quality availability.

Want to see TIPAS+ in action? Try out the test version here.

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