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From its headquarters in Vienna and offices in Germany, CPB market, sell and implement into the DACH region Objectway’s foundation products for holistic client advisory (Advice), effective portfolio management (eXimius) and digital engagement & collaboration between client and advisor (Conectus).

“Partnering with a best of breed software solution provider for the financial services industry will allow us to further engage with our clients and prospects and provide them software and digital solutions not currently available on the DACH market.”
Peter Thomayer, CEO for CPB Software AG


Banking with bandwidth.
The range of digital services offered by a bank or financial services provider is generally based around an online platform that customers use to manage their finances. We have created our e-banking solution to provide the perfect user experience customers are looking for: available everywhere at all times, responsive, and accessible on all common smartphones, tablets, and computers.

We offer a selection of modules – all provided ready-to-use, secure, and easy to integrate into existing systems. These include: payments and transfers, securities, deposits/online savings, credit, and portfolio overview. find out more

Client Advice

Reshaping your wealth management services
Advice is an innovative and consolidated platform that enables financial service providers to implement best-in-class services and operating models based on an a holistic client-centric advisory approach and flawless-investment strategy execution.

Portfolio Management

Delivering performance to enhance client wealth
eXimius Portfolio Manager is a multichannel, multi-entity, multi-device software platform that automates the daily challenges of wealth managers. It brings unprecedented efficiency to routine tasks such as portfolio analysis, risk and regulatory compliance, client reporting, order management and rebalancing, alerting, monitoring, performance measurement, and attribution.

Omnichannel Solution

Empowering omni-channel business collaboration
Conectus is an omni-channel, omni-device user experience platform designed specifically for the wealth and investment services segment. Conectus gives investment management firms a digitally enabled user experience and collaboration platform for advisors and clients.
Conectus is available in different experience versions to match the needs of any investment management firm.

Hybrid Advisory

Wealth Management at the digital frontier
Combining human interaction with digital capabilities, investors can start their investment experience online and request a human advisor for more complex decisions. After discovering their risk profile and investment attitude, customers can define goals, simulate investment scenarios, monitor progress and deal with their advisor through their preferred digital channel in a collaborative manner.

The Investment Manager CRM

Delivering an holistic view of clients and prospects
Client Engage brings to desktop and mobile users consolidated information related to your client management activities such as onboarding, fact find, suitability reviews and alerting.
The platform is fully integrated with Objectway’s eXimius and Advice.

Building model portfolios

Efficient model portfolio construction
Based on Black-Litterman approach, OPTIMO reduces the complexity of asset allocation process and provides a valuable solution to define strategic and tactical asset allocation for your customers. An appropriate model portfolio construction provides agile and swift reaction to market fluctuations, with a balanced management of strategic bedrock and tactical concepts.

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