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ACTICO is a leading international provider of software solutions and technologies for decision management.

In the digital world, it is important to be able to process huge volumes of data and quickly make consistent, audit-proof decisions. The key benefit of our software solution: it allows business regulations and processes to be easily adapted and automated. This increases our clients’ efficiency and agility, giving them a major competitive advantage. Our clients are able to grow faster, efficiently bring their innovations to market, comply with relevant legislation, and ultimately improve profitability.

ACTICO’s roots go back to Softwaretechnologie GmbH, originally founded in 1997 and acquired by the Bosch group in 2008. ACTICO has been running its software operations for the financial sector as a separate company since November 2015. We support our international clients from our locations in Germany, the United States, and Singapore.

BehaviorQuant Behavioral Finance Technologies GmbH

BehaviorQuant‘s technology supports bank and investment advisors as well as fund managers and investors in a highly efficient way. It is based on the internationally recognized expertise of the founders in the fields of behavioral finance, decision science, and personality research as well as on many years of development experience with FinTech products in Silicon Valley.

Using the latest behavioral financial technology, BehaviorQuant offers a turnkey solution for financial and wealth advisory. It delivers a quality of client relationship that combines the best of both worlds: a personal, trusting relationship and automated, science-based insights and recommendations. The advisor’s personal style and experience is optimally supported by comprehensive transparency of the client’s individual values, preferences and behavioral tendencies. The system can be used at any time and independent of any location. It provides clients with the experience of truly comprehensive and unique quality of advice.

Institutional investors benefit from BehaviorQuant through systematic decision support in the evaluation and selection of fund managers. The automated analysis of individual characteristics and behavioral tendencies of managers helps investors to avoid risk and wrong decisions and to recognize existing potential early on. With BehaviorQuant, fund managers and asset managers can clearly identify their own “behavioral alpha”, recognize unconscious biases, and optimize their decision-making with highly specific and actionable strategies.

BSM BankingSysteme und Managementberatung GmbH

BSM BankingSysteme und Managementberatung GmbH is a software and consulting company founded in 1992 that specialises in reporting for financial institutions. More than 500 satisfied clients in the financial sector trust our expertise and our software solution, BAIS (Banken-Aufsicht-Informations-System).

ef & ef Software- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

Founded in 1999, ef & ef Software- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH is an owner-operated company that manages sales and distribution for well-known software manufacturers within the German-speaking area. International software companies enter into long-term partnerships with us so that we can expertly represent them in these markets and provide effective customer support.

We are valued for our understanding of customer needs and our personal, individual approach to customer relationships. We are fully accountable to the customer at all times, from the initial contact right up to the successful project handover. Our focus is on financial services and public administration, where we have enjoyed more than ten years of success with our projects and products.

We work with CPB Software AG to gain new customers in Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. More than 80 customers rely on our services.

Interxion Österreich GmbH

Interxion is Europe’s leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres and managed services. The firm operates 26 data centres in all major European financial centres. Interxion’s high-security data centres provide a flexible and scalable foundation for reliable and cost-effective operation of information, communication, and internet infrastructure. Interxion has created a state-of-the-art data centre infrastructure for CPB SOFTWARE AG, which provides us and our current and future clients with maximum assurance of fail-safe operation.

ITdesign Software Projects & Consulting GmbH

ITdesign is an independent Austrian IT services provider. With more than 15 years of experience, the ITdesign team supports CPB SOFTWARE AG in strategic planning, concept creation and implementation, support, thereby covering all phases of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.

Mountain-View Data GmbH

Mountain-View Data GmbH is the leading Austrian provider of financial data for the display of aggregated portfolios with diversification capabilities. The financial database comprises more than 25,000 domestic and foreign fund unit classes and more than 300,000 individual securities.

NESSUS Internet Dienstleistungs GmbH

Nessus Internet Dienstleistungs GmbH was founded in 1999. Over the years, Nessus has evolved from a hosting services provider that was more focused on private customers to a business hosting provider. Today, its clients include Greenpeace, sms.at, Zürich insurance, and many more. Nessus has clearly specialised in managed hosting and high-availability and in mid-2009 the company opened its own data centre with a total area of 700m² in Vienna. Nessus offers the full range of services from server housing to high-availability web server clusters.

Objectway Financial Software

Founded in 1990, Objectway Group is a leading provider of investment management and digital software solutions to the worldwide financial services industry. Our omni-channel, omni-device software platform supports the rapidly advancing digital revolution within the wealth and investment management segment.

Under the direction of CEO and founder Luigi Marciano, Objectway has seen steady growth since its inception, both organically and through strategic acquisitions, with revenues topping 60 million euros in fiscal year 2015. Our awarding-winning platform is the trusted choice of leading wealth and investment firms across the globe—from EMEA to Canada to Central America.

From offices in Italy, Belgium, the UK, Ireland and South Africa, Objectway’s roughly 500 employees support more than 100,000 investment professionals in 15 countries, who manage more than one trillion euros in wealth. For more than 25 years, we’ve kept our focus on a single vision: combining advanced technology with a deep understanding of business needs to help our clients reshape their wealth management services.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB)

OeKB is Austria’s central financial and information services provider for export and capital markets. The special institute was founded in 1946 and is owned by Austrian banks. Its special services strengthen Austria as a business location and support the Austrian economy in the global market. The wide range of services offered by OeKB Capital Market Services are provided mainly to banks, listed companies, and vendors of financial data. In its long-term partnership with OeKB, CPB SOFTWARE AG benefits particularly from OeKB’s central position, which guarantees neutral cross-sector services and top-quality financial data on domestic and foreign equity, bond and investment funds. We are delighted to highlight the importance of this partnership and continue to build on the reliability and competence offered by OeKB.

SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information is a world-leading provider of data services and solutions for the finance and insurance sector, industry, and the media. The financial information provided by SIX – directly aggregated from 1,500 sources from across the world in real time – covers corporate actions, pricing, and market and reference data for more than 12 million instruments and is unique in its granularity, structure, and scope. With offices in 23 countries, SIX combines the benefits of a local presence with global coverage to provide financial services professionals working in investment advice, portfolio management, financial analysis, and securities management with a comprehensive range of data services.

Financial Information is one of four business units of SIX that provides a complete range of global services relating to securities trading and processing, as well as financial information and payment services.

UniSAB Ltd.

UniSAB is the leading provider of information systems for banks and financial organisations, and has been working in the banking software industry since 1995. The company has successfully completed software projects with more than 100 banks across the entire Russian Federation. UniSAB is a member of the Russian Banks Association and a partner of Microsoft and IBM.

WM Datenservice

WM Datenservice is a leading information services provider for the international finance industry, based in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. The company has an extensive financial database with exceptionally detailed securities information, which covers almost the full range of financial instruments in Germany and Europe. WM Datenservice provides all information on the current approx. two million active financial instruments to financial services providers as integrated financial data in the form of various products and services. The company also assigns the German Securities Identification Number (WKN), the International Security Identification Number (ISIN) for German issuers, and the GEI (General Entity Identifier), a globally accepted Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Wolters Kluwer is one of the leading providers of knowledge and information in the fields of law, economics, and taxation. We provide high-quality specialist information for professional users and combine this with digital solutions and applications. Our products and services allow our clients to make business-critical decisions more efficiently, enabling them to benefit from long-term improvements in their productivity.

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