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Searching for new solutions

We examine pressing current issues and conduct research to find future-focused solutions. Here we look at the fundamentals of e-business – in the context of our own projects, in cooperation with research institutions, or in the context of tenders. Our key interests include sustainability in the financial sector, innovative methods of risk assessment and calculation, and crisis-proof emergency communication systems.

We explore new paths

In our client projects have often faced the challenge of solving a problem for which there is currently no solution. As experts in complex IT, we enjoy this opportunity to explore new paths. Based on specific questions, we develop technical innovations that have an immediate influence on our projects and products. This helps us to keep raising the bar – and ensures that our products are not only state of the art, but even a step or two ahead.

CPB as a research partner

Hardly any innovative project succeeds today without a great deal of software. We are partners of research institutions and other companies, designing forward-thinking solutions for the future in our research projects. They define a use case or research question, and we contribute our software expertise along with a healthy mix of experience and curiosity. We proceed to solve technical questions, develop prototypes, and more.

Your Contact

Thomas Fuerlinger

Solution Architect & Project Manager
Phone: +43 1 42701-531

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