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Living outside the box

We have experience, expertise, and a good network – as well as ears and eyes that are always open to new ideas. We develop many of these in house, but we are also a fair partner to start-ups in the banking and e-business sectors. Together we elaborate ideas and develop appropriate structures.

We work with networks like Pioneers, and apply our market experience and our organisational strength to make our joint innovations even better.

Learning from new ideas

We do not stew in our own juices. When it comes to new technologies or trends in our industry, we are always on the lookout for fresh impetus. We work with start-ups to develop our ideas into prototypes or to include new perspectives in our work.

We are also open to new technical approaches or solutions that complement our products. Our door is always open to founders and innovators in the fintech scene.

Sharing experience

As an established player in our industry, we are happy to share our knowledge and resources when we see potential in an idea. Complex IT is our core business and we enjoy being a sounding board for young companies. We offer technical support and also take on the role of an accelerator: We share our expertise or sales experience and provide tools, technical resources, and office space.

This investment allows us to support new ideas – and continue to broaden our own horizons.

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