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For the Executive Board of CPB SOFTWARE AG, there is not only a sense of responsibility to clients, employees, suppliers, and financing banks, but rather to each member of our society that is in a less fortunate situation than ourselves, for whatever often hard to understand reason.

The “CPB Helps” initiative was founded to utilise the company’s potential to help. The initiative supports people and projects that receive little or no support from public authorities or other common sources of assistance.

The management and staff of CPB SOFTWARE AG are requested to submit proposals for support that our company might be able to provide to people in need or specific projects.

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Andrea Thomayer-Gampe

Project Manager CPB Helps

A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members.“

Supporting the Pferde Stärken horse therapy club in Moosbrunn

Auch unsere Mitarbeiter sind immer wieder hellhörig und machen uns auf caritative Einrichtungen aufmerksam, die man finanziell unterstützen soll. So sind wir auf den Verein „Pferde Stärken“ in Moosbrunn aufmerksam geworden. … View Article

Financial support for special therapy

We recently heard the moving story of a young man whose severe brain inflammation led to an extended stay in… View Article

Support for the Austrian Special Olympics

As supporters of the Special Olympics, it is our wish to give people with physical disabilities the opportunity to practise… View Article

Financial support for special therapy in Germany

So that three brothers with sensory disorders could have special therapy offered in Hamburg, we covered the outstanding balance to… View Article

Financial support for legal expenses

A single mother had her eight-year-old son taken away from her by the youth welfare office for unexplained reasons. A… View Article

CPB donation for freiRaum Aschaffenburg

For the second time DPB supports the youth centre building project of the friends’ association Michl e. V. On the… View Article

Donation: Therapy centre “Regenbogental” for children with chronic or life-threatening diseases or disabilities

„Regenbogental“ in Baden near Vienna is a therapy facility for children with chronic or life-threatening diseases or disabilities. The facility’s team… View Article

Help for Croatian refugee family

Our employees, too, are socially committed and often draw the management’s attention to supporting individual cases. A family from Croatia… View Article

Reading device for blind young man

We see it as our duty to support people who are in need of immediate help, and this is what… View Article

Support of a Musical project for children

Children like to sing and make music and watch musicals made especially for them. Realising such a project requires a… View Article

Sponsoring of the “Special Olympics”

For the fourth time we were able to support three mentally handicapped kids from Vienna with sponsoring packages via the… View Article

Donation for 17-year-old girl with Rett syndrome

The life of Fabienne Stieber from Erlenbach on the Main has dramatically changed at the age of 10 months. Suddenly… View Article

Support of the GRG 21 Vienna – urgently needed audio devices

The GRG 21 in Vienna urgently needed new audio devices for the preparation of this year’s A levels in English…. View Article

Support for Sports Youth Care in Vienna

The AS Koma Elektra has made it its business to particularly support the Vienna football youth. On the one hand,… View Article

Project “Phönixhof”

In July once again we could successfully support the project “Phönixhof” by Dr. Günter Ullreich, who expressed his thanks in… View Article

Circus Project of the SPZ Baden

For the second time already the CPB helped to support a circus project of the Special Educational Centre in Baden…. View Article

rsiSponsoring Contribution for WG Pronegg

Once again the CPB supports the Round Table 14 with their efforts to help the socio-therapeutic living community of the… View Article

Request from the elementary school Pfaffstätten/NÖ

In early April we received a request from the elementary school Pfaffstätten/NÖ, whether we could provide financial support for two… View Article

Financial support for a mother of 4 children

On request of a single mother of four underage children we were able to provide unbureaucratical aid with product vouchers… View Article

Financial support for the project “Phönixhof”

The project “Phönixhof” in Mattersburg/Bgld. Could again be provided with € 1,500 that were used for the ski lift cards…. View Article

Christmas Present – Red Cross Lottery Tickets

We have bought Red Cross Lottery tickets again this year, to be given out to all our clients and employees…. View Article

The Diakoniewerk in Gallneukirchen

Our Christmas cards this year come from the Diakoniewerk (Christian welfare organisation) in Gallneukirchen in Upper Austria. The proceeds from… View Article

Belated Christmas Gift for the 8-Year-Old Armin

Armin has been multiply disabled since birth due to a lack of oxygen. He cannot walk by himself, not even… View Article

Sponsorship – Special Olympics Austria

This year CPB Reaches Out is once again helping to support projects involving Special Olympics Austria, such as the 2013… View Article

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