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Public warning and alert system

What will work when nothing else is working? How can everyone be reached in a crisis, which information needs to be distributed in a targeted way, and how can panic be avoided among those who aren’t affected?

For many people, social media play a major role in communication around emergencies and crises. Direct and public channels allow the quick and broad distribution of information. The disadvantage is that information sources are not always verified; misinformation and rumours spread equally fast.

By comparison, the traditional siren-based public alarm system is incomparably imprecise and outdated.  PASA, the Public Warning and Alert System for Austria, is a new project led by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, which will develop new digital information systems for emergency scenarios. CPB along with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) is one of the major implementation partners on this project.

Participation in the PASA project is an example of CPB’s wide-ranging competencies. Open research projects that are new territory for us are a proven way for us to always remain one step ahead in our industry.

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