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Funding monitor for EU programmes

At the start of major projects most challenges seem manageable – once the initial confusion has passed. There is a plan and structured networks, and it seems clear who has to do what and when. As soon as things start moving, though, things start to get very complicated.

These observations are particularly fitting when it comes to European projects. Many participating organisations and people with different priorities and levels of information create confusion – and that can cost a lot of money. eMS – the European grant monitor – is a software tool developed by CPB to create clarity in the thickets of European funding, one of the most complex networks in Europe. Thanks to eMS, funding programmes can now be managed in a consistent fashion across Europe. According to initial estimates by the the coordinators of Interact, the group coordinating these funding programmes, these more efficient processes are saving up to ten million euros a year.

The funding monitor can be used by all public authorities and is also used by 20 institutions across Europe.

Stephanie Langer presented our project, ‘eMS: Electronic Monitoring System for projects funded under European territorial cooperation initivatives’, at the Agenda Austria 2020 event, which was held at the Palais Eschenbach in Vienna on 30 May, 2016.

The technical implementation of the eMS was developed completely by CPB on behalf of the Viennese European Affairs Department (MA 27). The eMS is making a substantial contribution to the improvement of efficiency and harmonisation in European administration.

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