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CPB at the WM/ÖWS Forum 2012

There were representatives from around 80 financial service providers this year at the 5th WM/ÖMS Forum 2012 in Vienna, held under the banner of “New Regulatory Framework Conditions for Austria as a Centre of Finance and the Growing International Trend towards Harmonisation and Standardisation“. WMACCESS, a product from the CPB product portfolio, forms the basis for a partnership with WM (Wertpapier-Mitteilungen) which has already proved successful over the course of many years.

Among a number of interesting presentations, Wolfgang Klaushofer demonstrated WMACCESS on behalf of CPB. The product enables WM data to be accessed in a pay-per-view system, thus making it possible to gain online access to information about securities, especially tax-related financial data, by means of a high-performance yet cost-effective program.

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