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CPB SOFTWARE AG at the FMVÖ Business Breakfast

A business breakfast was organized by the FMVÖ (Austrian Association for Financial Marketing) in partnership with CPB SOFTWARE AG on 27 April 2012 at Café Landtmann. The topic was “The new capital gains tax – new parameters for consultancy and management of clients’ investments”. Mr Peter Thomayer (Chairman of the CPB Executive Board) illuminated the subject with his own perspective on the subject and talked about his experience with the new tax regulations.

On 1 April, the new provisions governing the application of capital gains tax took effect in Austria. The new legal framework makes it necessary to take a client’s tax situation into account each time a new investment decision is made, and means that advisers and administrators will have to get used to new obligations and responsibilities. It is therefore up to every company that provides professional investment advice to ensure that the client’s long-term earning capacity is not in any way compromised due to short-sighted administration which fails to properly examine and assess tax implications.

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