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New Austrian Capital Gains Tax Successfully Implemented in 2012

On 1 April the very complex and difficult to apply new capital gains tax (the Wertpapier-Kapitalertragssteuer, commonly abbreviated to WP-KESt 2012) came into force in Austria. To ensure that the software functionality needed to deal with it was ready on time, several hundred software components had to be modified, keeping a large number of CPB employees for over a year.

The actual technical realisation was preceded by extensive analyses and workshops with clients and partners. A series of systematically applied quality assurance measures accompanied the development work, and training courses lasting several days were laid on for the users concerned immediately before commissioning to ensure that the software matched their and expectations and guarantee that quality components could be available in good time.

To supplement the implementation of the legally-required functionality, CPB is also providing an extensive portfolio of high-grade analytics for the use of account managers, dealing with areas such as tax optimisation.

Success through excellence – for the benefit of our clients.

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